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I have been an IMVU Content Creator since 2007. I do take custom requests from time to time. Feel free to send me a message on my website in the contact section or on IMVU. 

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01.12.19 - Animated Static Bubblegum in 12 colors!

01.09.2019 - 6 New Despair Skins 
12.07.18 - 12 New Skins, New Neutral Skins & Sunburst Skins 

11.28.18 - New Blurryface Skins, Eyes, Backpack & Beanie
11.25.18 - New Panda Furry Set, 6 Furkinis To choose from!
11.18.18 - New Trench Skins, Jackets and Accessories in my shop! 
11.16.18 - New Poison Skins in the shop! 5 Shades to choose from. 
11.15.18 - New Stubborn Skins in the shop! 5 Shades to choose from. 

Want a custom Skin or Furry set? Join my IMVU Group and fill out a form! The can be set to public, limited, or exclusive.

Everyone is welcome even if you just want to hang out and chat! 

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